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Life's Quest Girls Academy is currently receiving applications from families in Rosemead, California, for the best girls "boarding school., which lists Quest Girls' Academy as one of the best boarding schools in the state of California and second best in California.

The Quest Girls' Academy offers fully tailored online studies and training with certified teachers and full-time staff of qualified, experienced and knowledgeable students.

Students are supported to improve their GPA, prepare for and attend AP courses, learn the basics of college and receive training in terms of scholarship applications. There is a wide range of scholarships for girls and boys of all school and educational levels.

The school's PREP program is available to all students and offers tutoring in core subjects. Students can also attend courses of the English Language Learner Program (ELD) and English as a Second Language (English - as - a - Second - Language). Class teachers follow the work of E-LD teachers in the regular classroom by teaching in protected English to make it easier for students to learn English in the first year of high school. A liaison office interprets and translates for non-English speaking parents and provides or communicates information that helps the school to serve these students better.

Please take this opportunity to fill in the number 435 - 708 - 1882 today and learn more or contact us for more information on fees and registration.

California is famous for its beaches, but they are not as sunny as most would have you believe. Southern California is not quite as sunny as you might imagine, especially on the beach, and first of all, you might be surprised to find it a few miles further west. If you are not familiar with this board school in Rosemead, California, it is only a short drive from the city of Los Angeles. Please visit our website for more information about the school and a full list of all schools in the area.

The campus, which borders a city park and swimming pool, has a full-time, certified staff of about 100 employees to ensure a safe, supportive and orderly school climate. We will continue to offer no lifestyle, vocational training or supervision necessary for the long-term well-being and health of our students. The school employs five part-time carers who supervise about 1,900 pupils and four full-time staff.

The School Commissioner (SRO) is on campus to assist with law enforcement matters and is responsible for the safety and well-being of all students, staff and employees. The school has no relationship with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department or any other law enforcement agency.

PSA has by far some of the kindest working people who really help the needy. There are many, but the staff are very understanding and professional and dedicated to their students and staff.

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Take a look at some of the fun things you can do during your visit to Rosemead and the surrounding city. The California Institute of Technology is just five miles from our hotel and just a few blocks from downtown.

Enjoy an outdoor terrace where you can record music and also connect your MP3 player and connect it to your iPod. Soak up the Southern California sunshine in the outdoor pool or hot tub at Rosemead Recreation Center, which features an outdoor pool and spa.

As a multicultural program with students and staff, all cultures and languages of our students are represented and respected and represented. We offer intellectual and peer interaction challenges, and our performing arts groups require the same level of participation as other curricula, including math, science and English. Music is interspersed with so many possibilities that one can approach it from many different perspectives.

Life Quest Girls Academy offers a top-notch academic education, but also a holistic approach to life and is a boarding school that puts you on the path to academic and professional success, including high school, college and even a career as a professional musician. Academy between the ages of 13 and 17 and would like to learn more about life outside the Academy, such as summer courses, summer camps or summer internships. Among the many services and programs we offer are a summer camp for girls and boys aged 12 to 14 and a two-week summer program for 15 to 18 years.

More About Rosemead

More About Rosemead