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You've probably heard plenty of superlatives when you talk about food in the San Gabriel Valley. When we talk about it, it's more than just the Alhambra and Monterey Park; there are many great restaurants, bars and restaurants in Los Angeles County. Because of these advantages, we offer you a list of where to start your culinary exploration of the region. Tell us what you ate as a local food critic and savvy foodie, what was it like for you?

This cuisine is originally from southern China, and of course you have to order it when you travel. Sea Harbour serves sticky rice in lotus leaf pudding tarts, prawns and pork dumplings with truffles, grilled spinach pork cheeks and a variety of other dishes. There may be udon - marinated tofu, chicken, pork, beef or pork, depending on which combination you order. Some dishes include fried rice, pasta, rice cake, tofu and even a pork belly sandwich.

This restaurant welcomes staff and families for dinner at lunchtime and offers a variety of dishes, including Southeast Asian dishes that pay homage to traditional dishes. The city will work with restaurants that are eligible to provide food to vulnerable residents of the community. For more information on the RoseMead Mead Food on Wheels programme, please click here or contact them directly.

The steaming, juicy dumplings with various fillings come hot and bubbly and burst with delicious broth at the first bite. The cooked fish, made from a broth with fresh - chopped - green chillies, is aromatic and surprisingly addictive.

For a taste kick, I dipped the chicken in a little soy sauce and a pinch of fresh lime juice, and I think it added even more interest to the dish.

The tacos and potatoes in it are perfectly fried, and the sauce is also awesome, so make sure you order these items when they are available. Kalman's also has a house - sausage, but the house's homemade pasta and homemade macaroni and cheese are popular choices. The world is home to some of the best pork chops in the world, as well as a wide selection of other meats and cheeses. They let their chops shine through with all the ingredients and they're really good for you.

I ordered the pork chops, which I skewered with a toothpick and tossed into a spicy mixture of chilli, sesame and cumin. Lyrically, I found a fresh, mild sweetness that first went over into a growing and persistent brine and then returned to its original flavor. The pork was perceived as tender, although the taste was extremely delicate, while the soy shallots tolerated it really well.

The aroma was quite intoxicating and showed an almost cheese-like, mushroom-mingled funk-y umami note. The wafer-thin, crisp skin shattered perfectly, and it smelled delicious, conveying a combination of dried apricots, ginger, garlic and a hint of salt and pepper. Ginger Scallion was one of the most popular dishes on the menu at Rosemary's California. This one hit the mark, too, because its fleshy and spongy flesh showed a sweet and savoury taste profile that really sang with the vivacity of shallots.

Two weeks ago, the current owners decided to turn the place into a Chinese restaurant and the restaurateur happened to be a partner in the new business, so I'm glad to say he's a great guy. Next came a sweet, nutty filling wrapped in a thick, somewhat cong-like, sweet and sour sauce with a hint of garlic. It got cooler and nuttier than MintyOne of my fellow guests was enraptured by the cool, nutty mint sauce, a combination of fresh mint, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper.

The Italian decor will not leave you speechless, as pizza and even escolgot are served, which also seems to be very popular. Di Pilla opened the restaurant in 2009, following family recipes and it is one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

If you like variety in food, Sushi Aru in Rowland Heights is the perfect choice, and if you want to be truly decadent, go for the banana split. Fosselman's offers a wide range of dishes, from sushi to macs and cheese, burgers, sandwiches, soups and salads.

El Taco Man in El Monte serves a number of heavyweights, covering everything from tacos to burritos, tacos, burrito bowls and even tacos with cheese. Home - Baked bread, toasted and filled, always brings a smile to your face.

The warm environment and friendly staff are what many Rosemead residents have been eating at Di Pilla's for generations. Next time you go to the counter at Panda Express to eat an orange chicken, remember that the staff you serve really like the job. Tom Thordarson, an illustrator from Pasadena, says Rufus became an important symbol for tiki fans during the decline of the restaurant. Before going to work, he cleans the restaurant's tanks and feeds them with his own money.

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